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Performance and reliability

We offer technologies for the construction of urban transport and metro lines including rail tracks, contact lines, traffic control systems and other facilities and devices.

Modern technologies of urban transport lines are created on the ballastless foundation with application of elastic fastenings. That settles the problem of high levels of noise and vibration generated by rail transport, prolongs track life cycles and reduces operating costs.


We organize supplies of material and equipment for building and maintenance of urban transport lines. We conduct presentations of existing modern technologies and advise on their selection and use. Let’s make city life more comfortable together!



St. Petersburg

A tram depot under construction in the Krasnogvardeysky district of St. Petersburg



Legal adress:

220030, Belarus, Minsk,

Komsomolskaya str. 5

Postal adress:

P.O. box. 158, 220030, Minsk, Belarus

+375 17 270-98-13

+375 17 270-98-14

+375 33 619-63-22

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